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Dinner with Chicken Tagliatelle and Pasta Sauce

Dinner Party for 4 people. Soup is a cold soup, Chilled Leek and Beetroot Consomme with a hint of red wine; Entree is a very easy Pea and Carrot Layered Terrine. Pea and carrot wrapped in silverbeet or spinach leaves, chilled and served cold; main course Chicken with Pasta Sauce, easy to prepare and can be made in advance, mushrooms, mustard and basil are the main flavours. Dessert is banana flake flan. A flan made with chocolate flake, biscuit base, bananas, gelatine, cream. Can be made ahead of time.



Chilled Leek and Beetroot Consomme

Consomme can be made a day ahead. This recipe is not suitable to freeze or microwave


1 tablespoon oil

2 medium leeks, chopped

1 litre water,

3 large (550g) beetroot, chopped

2 cloves garlic

½ cups orange juice

2 tablespoons red wine vinegar

1 teaspoon sugar



Heat oil in large saucepan, add leeks and cook over a medium heat for 5 minutes or until leeks are soft. Add remaining ingredients. Bring to the boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 1 hour. Strain mixture into a large bowl.

Cool, cover, and refrigerate consomme for several hours. Dribble cream over and sprinkle with chopped parsley for decoration.




Pea and Carrot Layered Terrine

You will need 680g cups of fresh peas for this recipe. Can be made 2 days ahead.


700g carrots, chopped

3 eggs, lightly beaten

½ teaspoon ground cumin

½ cup thickened cream

6 large silverbeet leaves


Pea Layer

680g shelled fresh peas

3 eggs, lightly beaten

½ cup thickened cream

Method for Vegetable layer

Boil or microwave carrots until soft, allow to cool. Blend carrot, egg, and cumin until smooth. Beat cream with an electric mixer until soft peaks form. Fold into carrot mixture.

Drop silverbeet into a pan of boiling water, drain and rinse under cold water, drain well.

Line a 11cm x 25cm pyrex loaf dish (6 cup capacity) with two thirds of the leaves, allowing leaves to overhand the edges of the dish. Spoon carrot mixture into prepared dish. Cover with remaining silverbeet.

Gently spoon pea layer over silverbeet. Fold in overhanging spinach leaves to cover.

Place dish in baking dish and add enough boiling water to come halfway up the side of the pyrex dish.

Bake in a moderate oven for about 1 ¾ hours, or until firm. Remove dish from baking dish and allow to cool to room temperature. Cover and refrigerate overnight.


Method for Pea layer

Boil or microwave peas until tender. Allow to cool and process eggs and peas to a paste. Beat cream in a small bowl with an electric mixer until soft peaks form, fold into pea mixture.

Refrigerate, then turn out and slice. Serve on a bed of mixed lettuce leaves.



Main Course

Chicken with Pasta Sauce


500g green tagliatelle

75g devondale dairy soft

500g chicken thigh fillets, sliced

250g button mushrooms

6 spring onions, sliced

2 cloves garlic, crushed

2 tablespoon plain flour

500ml milk

1 teaspoon chicken stock powder

½ red capsicum, chopped

½ cup frozen corn kernels

2 teaspoons grain mustard

¼ cup fresh basil to garnish



Add tagliatelle to a large pan of boiling water, boil uncovered until just tender. Drain and keep warm.

Heat dairy soft in a pan, add chicken in batches, cook stirring until chicken is lightly browned. Remove from pan.

Add mushrooms, spring onions, and garlic to same pan, cook stirring for 1 minute. Remove from heat. Gradually stir in milk and stock powder. Return to heat and stir until mixture boils and thickens.

Stir chicken, capsicum, corn, mustard, and chives into mushroom mixture; stir until hot.

Serve chicken sauce over tagliatelle. Garnish with fresh shredded fresh basil.




Banana Flake Flan

You will need 2 ripe bananas for this recipe. Flan can be made two days ahead


250g packet shortbread biscuits, crushed

100g melted butter

1 ½ tablespoons cornflour

¾ cup milk

2 ½ tablespoons caster sugar

1 ½ tablespoons drinking chocolate

25g butter extra

2 teaspoons gelatine

1 tablespoon water

1 cup mashed banana

2 x 30g Flake chocolate bars, lightly crushed

1 cup thickened cream


Lightly grease a 23cm fluted loose based flan tin. Combine crushed biscuits and butter in a bowl. Press over base and sides of prepared tin. Refrigerate while preparing filling.

Blend cornflour and milk in a pan. Add sugar and drinking chocolate and extra butter, stir over heat until mixture boils and thickens.

Sprinkle gelatine over water in a cup, stir into milk mixture, stir until gelatine is dissolved. Mix well and allow to cool. Do not allow to set. Fold in banana and flake bars.

Beat cream in a small bowl with an electric mixer. Until soft peaks form. Fold two tablespoons cream into chocolate mixture. Spoon into prepared biscuit crust. Cover and refrigerate overnight. Decorate top with remaining cream and extra flake bars.


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