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The Dinner Parties

Complete dinner party recipes

Enjoying food with friends or family can be a great joy. A conversation over a meal is one of the nicest ways to spend time with people you care about. Our Dinner Party Menu section we have set out complete meals with a balance of flavours and colours that are not overly difficult to prepare. All the recipe groups in this section have been thoroughly tested

roast pork

A four course dinner for four people. Cream of carrot and parsnip soup, potted seafood entree; crabmeat and prawns with lemon and onion flavour, and a main course of roast pork with apple sauce, or apple seasoning. Dessert is a refreshing rock melon and ice cream with a passionfruit flavour. The ice cream is made using an old method which is fairly easy.

glazed duck

This is a dinner party for 4 people. Cream of zucchini soup, or courgette soup; a cold entree of Chicken, Ham, Apricot, and Ginger Terrine with Lemon mayonnaise. Served cold is very refreshing. Main course, Citrus Duck with Spicy Ginger Glaze looks just as good as it tastes. And Grand Marnier Mousse. The courses are all fairly light until the dessert so you can enjoy without feeling guilty.

italian cutlets

Dinner party for 6 people. This is a dinner party for when you feel like doing something special. The ratatouille moulds will take a bit of time but the result can be stunning. Lamb cutlets for the main course is a tasty treat, especially with the hint of sherry and garlic. And what better dessert than chocolate Tiramisu with mascarpone cheese, strong espresso coffee taste, and Kahlua coffee liqueur

lemon custard slice

Three course dinner party for 4 people. Soup is Carrot and Red Pepper Soup with Cheesy Triangles; a light colour and flavour. The wine adds a tang and the capsicum adds a sweet taste. Main course is Steaks with Whisky Cream Sauce. French mustard and whisky adds a distinctive flavour and taste. Dessert is Lime or Lemon Custard Slice with Cream. A biscuit base with a fruity taste.

whiting fillets

Four course dinner party for 6 people. Celery potato watercress soup; salmon pate for the entree; fillets of whiting with potato scales for the main course; and for dessert, chocolate fig and nut slice. This is an impressive dinner, the effort is well rewarded.

veal medallions

Dinner party for 4 people. Tomato and mussel soup; green salad with mushrooms for entree; main course is Veal Medallions with Mustard and Prosciutto; dessert is Apple and Raspberry Crumble. Most of the courses can be prepared in advance, the veal medallions is better prepared on the day.

oriental lamb racks

Dinner party for 4 people. Carrot and Coriander Soup served cold is easy to make and refreshing for a cold soup; Marinated Mushroom served on a bed of Lettuce entree; main course, Oriental Lamb Racks, lamb racks marinated in soy sauce, ginger, garlic, sugar, five spice powder, and sherry; and Peggy’s Plum Pudding for dessert.


spicy coconut and chicken curry

Dinner for 6 people. Chicken and Almond soup is a full flavoured soup; entree is Bacon and Spinach Slice with ricotta cheese, bacon, spinach, and paprika; main course is Spicy Coconut and Chicken Curry which flavours include, coriander, turmeric, ground cumin; dessert is Mars Bar Cheesecake.

chicken tagliatelle

Dinner Party for 4 people. Soup is a cold soup, Chilled Leek and Beetroot Consomme with a hint of red wine; Entree is a very easy Pea and Carrot Layered Terrine. Pea and carrot wrapped in silverbeet or spinach leaves, chilled and served cold; main course Dinner with Chicken Tagliatelle and Pasta Sauce, Dessert is banana flake flan.

sherried lamb noisettes

A great dinner party for 4 people. Cauliflower and Spinach soup is light and the flavours are not overpowering. Entree; Leeks in Orange Tarragon Vinaigrette is also not overpowering and is very light. Main course, Sherried Lamb Noisettes, easy to make and delicious. The sherry gives a wine glaze appearance to the meal. Lamb is always popular. Dessert of Chocolate Royal Ice Cream is a wonderful old standard. What a perfect evening.


Dinner party for 4 people. Pork and spring onion soup is a light soup with a subtle taste. Prawns always make a good entree. Prawns, feta cheese, garlic, white wine. Main course is veal cordon bleu, swiss cheese. Dessert is Ribbon Bavarois, an impressive egg based strawberry flavoured dessert.

steak and mushroom pie

Dinner party for 6 people. Creamy Lamb Soup with Mushrooms has a creamy texture that allows the taste of the lamb to come through. Entree, Salmon Slice Quiche with asparagus, mustard, worcestershire sauce, grated tasty cheese. Main course, Steak and Mushroom Pie is a favourite. This pie is made with puff pastry, mixed herbs, parsley, lean stewing steak. Dessert is Pashka, A simple yet stunning dessert for a memorable occasion. Sultanas, brandy, rum chocolate.

steak teriyaki

Dinner party for 4 people. French onion soup, garlic, beef consomme, red wine, sherry, onion, parmesan. Entree, seafood pancakes, prawns , oysters, crab meat, dry white wine. Main course, steak teriyaki. Ginger flavour with teriyaki and lemon. Dessert, Peaches with Wine Glaze and Honey Yoghurt. Light and refreshing with white wine glaze and peach halves.

baked snapper

Four course dinner for 6 people. Cream of Tomato Soup; fresh tomatoes, onion, and garlic. Entree: Garlic Prawns, garlic, chilli. Main course, Baked Snapper. Fish stuffed with rice, mushrooms, and seasoning. Dessert: Jaffa Fudge Slice with Cream. Chocolate filling in biscuit base. Brilliant finish to a superb dinner.


roast turkey

Four course dinner for 6 people. Delicious cold soup, Pumpkin and coconut. Entree: is a jellied seafood ring with wine glaze, looks impressive. Roast turkey with pine nut stuffing for the main course. For the dessert, Blueberry Mango Tartlets with Strawberry Sauce. A great way to finish off the evening.

salmon flowers cream cheese

Four course dinner for 6 people. Sweet Red Pepper Soup. A colourful hot soup that is easy to prepare, with marjoram, peppers, sour cream. Entree is Salmon Flowers with Herbed Cream Cheese; a very decorative dish, with capers, salmon, and dill. Main course is Marsala Chicken, chicken with marsala and delicious ginger sauce with vanilla, cinnamon, sugar. Chocolate souffle for dessert

spicy lamb cutlets

Four course dinner for 6 people. Soup is Speedy Minestrone, easy and quick to prepare as the name suggests, but tasty and substantial, with kidney beans, pasta, parmesan cheese. Entree is Zucchini Mousse with Parmesan Sauce. A tasty entree, with zucchini, parmesan, garlic. Main course is Spiced Lamb Cutlets. Always tender and very tasty with paprika, cumin, and tomatoes. Dessert is Refreshing Melon Fruit Salad which is easy to prepare and always popular. Champagne melon, rock melon, honey melon.

spiced bombay skewers

Four course dinner for four people. A very tasty Bacon, Leek, and Potato soup; crisp bacon flavour in a creamy potato base. Entree is a very simple yet elegant and fresh tasting zucchini with a lemon tang. Main course of Bombay Spiced Chicken Skewers seems like a basic main course, but the flavour of the chilli and lime and eastern spices make this a wonderful main course. Dessert is a great mousse of mangoes and a subtle citrus hint. A lovely way to round off a brilliant dinner.

dinner italian style veal dinner

Four course dinner for six people. Soup is Roasted Garlic and Potato. Something a little different. For the Entree: Tomato, Zucchini, and Capsicum Gratin, light and fresh. Main Course of Italian Style Veal is tasty and not too difficult to prepare. Dessert is a wonderful old standard Cherry Slice.

wine glazed duck with plum sauce

Dinner with Wine Glazed Duck and Plum Sauce starts with Thai Coconut Soup which is light, and a pastry entrée of spinach and cheese. Main course is Duck with a stunning glaze and sweet plum sauce. Dessert is Steamed Jam Puddings.

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